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The Western Justice Associates team utilizes their combined decades of high performance legal experience in our clients’ disputes with insurance companies, corporations, and corporate polluters. We bring our passion and experience to our jobs helping Montanans that have been in car accidents, received unreasonable insurance denials, found pollution on their land, or have otherwise been wronged by large corporations. We love working as a team to achieve the best recoveries possible for our clients.


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historic Ferguson House in Downtown Bozeman 2

Western Justice Associates, PLLC is located in the historic Ferguson House in Downtown Bozeman at the intersection of 3rd and West Mendenhall. The Ferguson House was constructed by Enoch Douglass Ferguson at the end of the 19th century. The original three-story structure had over 5,000 square feet of living space for Mr. Ferguson, his wife, Brunetta, and their children, Veda and Enoch Jr.

Mr. Ferguson was described in the 1903 publication, Progressive Men of the State of Montana, as being one of the few surviving Montana pioneers “who made the memorable expedition into Yellowstone National Park in 1874… which essayed the exploration of that wonderful section of our national domain.” The book also notes that Mr. Ferguson lived in a “beautiful modern residence in Bozeman which has been his home for a number of years.”

The Ferguson House has gone through several changes since it served as the Ferguson’s family home. Sharing the fate of many stately Victorian residences, the Ferguson House was modified into a multi-unit apartment building shortly after WWII to make more efficient use of its space. In the mid-1980s, the building was again transformed, this time into office space; the Ferguson House served as the regional office of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company for over 20 years. During the early 2000s, the lower two floors of the Ferguson House served as retail space.

Each of these uses took an understandable toll on the grand old home. Since acquiring the Ferguson House in 2008, Western Justice Associates have endeavored to restore much of the interior of the building to its original grandeur. We look forward to further revitalizing this wonderful fixture of Downtown Bozeman in the years to come.

historic Ferguson House in Downtown Bozeman