• We are so happy with the way we were treated and how our case was handled.  We would recommend this legal team to anyone; they always kept us updated on the case and helped make the whole thing much easier than we expected.  Grateful to have things worked out in our favor due to the hard work and efforts of this team.  Thanks.

  • I deeply appreciated the top-notch care I received from Western Justice Associates.

  • Wow, this guy really knows what he is doing.  My case was handled swiftly and ethically and I am so happy with the results.  Just mentioning Jory's name commands a lot of respect.  I was well taken care of and would definitely recommend Western Justice to anyone who needs trustworthy and knowledgable representation.

  • The best law firm in Bozeman for personal injury.  Domenic and Jory are amazing and highly-skilled attorneys.  They will beat the odds for you if humanly possible.

  • Western Justice was able to recover my disability benefits and their fees and costs from an insurance company.  I am very happy and grateful for the results they achieved.

  • Western Justice helped me after my disability insurance cut off my benefits in bad faith.  They were able to get my benefits reinstated.

  • Western Justice Associates helped us stand up for our rights as homeowners.  We are grateful for their work and advocacy.

    A.J. & B.J.


Western Justice Associates strives to ensure that our clients’ legal matters are resolved as quickly and beneficially as possible.  Whether your claim involves securing money damages, insurance payments, remediation of polluted land, or some other recourse, Western Justice will work to get you the optimal result.  Below are examples of results our lawyers have achieved as well as testimonials from satisfied clients.

$25 Million – Jory Ruggiero acted as lead attorney on behalf of 57 landowners whose groundwater was contaminated in a case that resulted in settlement against seven power companies that owned the Colstrip power plant. Click here to read more.

$9+ Million – Jory Ruggiero acted as lead attorney in a case that resulted in $9+ million in settlements against various polluters in a town in Eastern Montana.

$7.5+ Million – Western Justice Associates represented 15 landowners in a case against the City of Bozeman and developers over pollution leaking from the landfill. The $7.5 million settlement also included an upgrade to the clean-up system for the pollutants in addition to the settlement amount.

Confidential settlement – Significant settlement to private property owners for damage to a working ranch from coal strip mining in eastern Montana.

Millions of dollars – Western Justice Associates served as counsel representing dozens of class members including Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Montana University System over negligent management of a dam that resulted in property damage to shoreline along Flathead Lake.

$2 Million – In settlement against Exxon Mobil on behalf of 14 landowners after a 2011 pipeline rupture on the Yellowstone River. Click here to read more.

$1+ Million – In settlement for a fatal car crash after the insurance company originally denied coverage.

$660,000+ – In settlements related to groundwater contamination to homes in Belgrade.

$550,000+ – In recovery for predatory lending practices.

$520,000+ – In settlements for an injury caused by products used by our client at work.

$480,000 –  Recovery for a wrongful denial of a disability insurance claim.

$440,000+ – in settlements and insurance payments for an arm injury sustained by an independent contractor after falling at work.

$400,000+ –  In settlements related to negligent trenching resulting in damage to a radio station’s property.

$400,000 – In settlement for a leg injury sustained on the job.

$280,000+ –  Settlements and insurance payments for a slip and fall resulting in broken wrist and nerve damage.

$275,000+ –  In settlements for lower back injuries related to a car accident.

$275,000 –  Settlement in relation to a defective hip prosthetic.

$250,000+  Resulting from verdict after winning a trial requiring an insurer to cover injuries sustained at work.

$250,000+ – In settlements and insurance payments related to shoulder, hip, and mild traumatic brain injuries suffered in a car crash.

$225,000+    Settlement in relation to collision with shoulder and back injuries.

$175,000 – Settlement in relation to a collision with shoulder injuries.

$144,000+ – In settlements related to a collision with back injuries.

$141,000 – Verdict related to a failing sewage lift station.

$130,000+ – Settlements in relation to minor injuries sustained in an auto collision and the insurance company’s handling of its insured’s claim.

$125,000 – Settlement in relation to a defective piece of machinery.

$115,000+ – Settlements in relation to minor injuries sustained in an auto collision and the insurance company’s handling of its insured’s claim.

$101,000 – Dog bite settlement for small scar on lip.

$80,000+ – In settlements for a strained neck related to a car accident.

$60,000 – In settlements relating to the destruction of evidence at the scene of a fall.


Often times there is not enough insurance to pay for all the damage caused by someone else’s negligence.  Western Justice always works to gather all the insurance policies that apply to an accident or injury, and ensures that all the policies pay as much as they should.


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