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Bozeman Product Liability Lawyer

Bozeman Product Liability Lawyer

When you use a product, you don’t expect to be severely injured by it. Unfortunately, defects are common, and they can often lead to serious injuries, or even death, to consumers. While accidents can occur, other times, the product manufacturer was negligent in their actions. They may have ignored warnings about safety issues or designed a defective product.

In any of these situations, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages. You put a certain level of trust in a product manufacturer. When they breach their duty of care, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

At Western Justice Associates, PLLC, we understand the seriousness of these dangerous device cases. You can discuss your case with one of our experienced Bozeman product liability lawyers when you schedule a connection. We can help you hold these negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Dangerous Products Claim Victims Across the Country

According to the National Safety Council, around 12.7 million people were treated for injuries from consumer products. In most of those cases, the injuries were tied to product defects.

When a defective product injures a consumer, they can be compensated for their injuries. Accidents can happen in several ways due to:

  • Manufacturing defects: These issues happen when the product causes injuries to the consumer. In most cases, something went wrong in the manufacturing process. However, these devices can also become defective due to poor workmanship or using faulty materials in the process.
  • Poor labeling: Products must have safety warnings on the packaging, especially if there is a risk of causing injuries. When a manufacturer fails to warn consumers of these risks, they could be liable for damages.
  • Defective designs: Sometimes, the products all have design flaws that are dangerous and defective. In these institutions, regular use of the product can cause harm to the consumer.

Liability for these cases can extend to the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and even the retailers of the dangerous product.

Examples of Defective Products

Any type of product that is defective and causes injury is dangerous. The most common cases center around:

  • Defective medical equipment: All products must face rigorous testing and quality control tests. However, some medical devices can be defective. Often, this is attributed to manufacturing problems, design flaws, or poor safety warnings. Faulty medical equipment often causes significant harm to patients, resulting in serious injuries and even death.
  • Dangerous drugs: These pharmaceuticals can produce unexpected side effects or fail to deliver therapeutic benefits. In any situation, that can cause harm to the patient. Many times, these side effects are often more severe than the prescribed condition the drugs were intended to treat. Unfortunately, dangerous drugs can leave victims with a lifetime of health issues.
  • Toxic substances: Some household cleaners and pesticides have been discovered to cause severe health conditions. These substances might contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. Long-term exposure to these chemicals, even in small amounts, can lead to chronic illnesses.
  • Automobile flaws: All vehicles must adhere to strict safety testing. However, that doesn’t mean the vehicles will not have defective parts. Defects in the design or manufacturing errors can lead to accidents on the road. Vehicle recalls occur all the time. When the manufacturer is not responsible for addressing the issue, it can lead to severe consequences for everyone on the road.

Montana’s Strict Liability Laws

Montana’s product liability law is one of the most stringent in the nation. This law notes that consumers have a right to obtain and use safe products. However, it is the responsibility of companies to ensure that their products are free from defects and safe for consumer use.

Consumers can take legal action if they experience bodily injury or property damage due to a product that is in a defective condition (flaw or defective in the product) and unreasonably dangerous (poses a risk of injury even under normal circumstances).

Under Montana’s strict liability statute, if you have been injured or suffered property damage because of a defective product, you have the legal right to sue the manufacturer or seller for compensation. This is true even if the manufacturer or seller didn’t know about the defect or didn’t intend to cause any harm.

They must assume full responsibility for any harm caused by their products. The state’s strict liability law holds corporations accountable for their actions and ensures that consumers are not left to bear the burden of their mistakes.

Product Liability Claims

When a product harms individuals, they have the right to pursue compensation through product liability claims. These claims cover a range of damages. Injured parties can request a specific amount to recoup their economic or non-economic losses. These expenses may be recoverable in your case:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses: They can include the cost of current medical bills incurred due to the injury. The award may also include future expenses related to medical care, medications, therapy, and rehabilitation services.
  • Loss of income and earning capacity: If the injury has resulted in them being unable to work permanently or temporarily, they could be entitled to compensation for lost wages and potential future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering compensation: These damages may also be sought for the physical pain and emotional distress suffered as a result of the accident.

Why You Need a Bozeman Product Liability Lawyer

Dealing with product liability cases can be challenging. Even though Montana does have strict liability laws, the manufacturer and other responsible parties may need to shift blame. A Bozeman product liability lawyer can assist through this legal process.

Whether you had to pay for medical expenses, lost income due to not working, or experienced emotional distress because of the incident, they can make a difference in your case by thoroughly evaluating all the damages you’ve incurred.

At Western Justice Associates, PLLC, our team will work tirelessly on your behalf. We understand all the pain and hardship you’ve experienced. And we believe you deserve to be compensated for it.

The sooner you get in touch with one of our lawyers, the better your chances of building a strong case. Schedule your consultation by contacting us today.

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