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Western Justice Associates, PLLC is committed to providing fair, efficient, and effective resolutions to our clients’ legal issues. We are dedicated to the Montana values of honesty, strength, and dogged determination. We represent and uphold these standards in every client interaction and throughout every case we handle.

Corporations and insurance companies fight tooth and nail to protect their interests and their own bottom lines—and our legal team uses its experience and resources to put our clients on equal footing. This is one of the fastest and most effective strategies to secure resolutions for our clients’ legal issues.

The settlements we’ve obtained are among the largest in the region, and we’re ready to put the full force of our expertise behind you and your case. Schedule your first free meeting today.

Standing Up for Montana Residents

Every person in Montana deserves to live a happy, safe, and healthy life. When another person’s or entity’s negligence causes serious injury or harm, we’re here to make things right.

Because it’s our job to stand up and say, “What happened wasn’t right, and should have never been allowed to occur.” And it’s your job to focus on your recovery. When you let the experienced legal team at Western Justice Associates, PLLC takes the lead after a serious personal injury, you’ll have the complete backing and support of a law office that treats you like the complete person that you are.

We handle a wide range of accidents and case types, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, nursing home abuse, workplace injuries, and more. We are also proud to advocate for our clients’ legal and civil rights by fighting back against corporate misbehavior, insurance fraud, and governmental abuses of power.

After a serious injury or accident, we want you to know that you are not alone. A dedicated team of attorneys is just a call or click away.

Protecting Our State’s Natural Beauty

You won’t find views quite like ours anywhere else in the United States. From the peaks of the Big Snowy Mountains to the Yellowstone River and beyond, it’s our duty to protect and preserve the beauty of our natural environment.

At Western Justice Associates, PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of private property owners from pollution and environmental contamination. Our attorneys represent people and property owners dealing with groundwater contamination, pipeline breaks, oil and gas damage, oil spills, commercial pollution, fire damage, construction defects, and more.

We are proud to have secured some of the largest settlements for environmental pollution in our region. This includes a $25 million settlement against Pennsylvania Power and Light and a $2 million settlement against ExxonMobil.

Montana is a powerfully beautiful place that we’re privileged to live in, and duty-bound to protect. It is our honor to play a vital role in cleaning up our water and land by holding big companies fully accountable for their actions.

Your Case Is Important

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Our Practice Areas

Western Justice Associates, PLLC is a multi-faceted law firm that is dedicated to the people and land of Montana.

Our personal injury attorneys have dedicated their legal careers to advocating for the injured and hurt. If you’ve been injured by a doctor, in an auto accident, at a store, in a nursing home, or in any way through the negligence of another—we’re here to help.

You can also secure representation for pollution, property damage, environmental litigation, insurance bad faith, and consumer protection with our legal team. We don’t back down when big companies try to bully the little guy into accepting anything less than what they are owed.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Consumer Protection

You worked hard for your financial security. A bank, credit card company, or big business shouldn’t be able to ruin the stability you’ve built. We fight for the rights of everyday people in financial distress.

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A History of Success

Everything that we do is rooted in our past successes. Our legal team knows what it takes to go up against big, nationwide corporations and win. With multi-million-dollar results under our belt, we’re ready to put the full force of our experience to work for you.

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Free Consultations

Learning about your legal options should never come with a price tag. A free consultation is one of the most effective ways to learn more about your rights and whether you have a case. Schedule your meeting today to see if we are the right fit for you.

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Local Representation, Nationwide Resources

Environmental damage and pollution in Montana are often caused by companies that are headquartered in other states. We have the reach and resources needed to hold these big corporations accountable.

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Attorneys You Can Count On

Maybe you’re hurt and counting up the medical bills. Or you lost valuable ranching land to environmental damage. When you’re dealing with complex legal issues that affect your daily life, trust the attorneys you can count on.

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No Win, No Fee

You already have enough to worry about. You shouldn’t have to add legal fees to your plate. We are proud to provide our legal services on a contingency fee (no win, no fee) basis. This means that we only get paid if we win your case.

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