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Car Accidents in Three Forks

Car Accidents in Three Forks

With its picturesque setting and abundance of outdoor activities, like hiking, hunting, and fishing along the headwaters of the Missouri River, our little corner of Montana attracts many visitors. But while it’s nice knowing that these different factors make our town interesting to residents and visitors alike, it brings more automobiles and car accidents in Three Forks as a result.

If you’ve been hurt in a wreck, know someone does care, and that’s us at Western Justice Associates, PLLC. Seeking justice if you were hurt is imperative not only so you can recover the compensation you’re due, but also to discourage others from committing the same wrongful acts in the future. Contact an attorney for a free case evaluation to explore your rights.

The Dangers of Auto Accidents

Depending on where accidents occur, terrain can be ragged. Cars can easily venture into oncoming traffic or off the roadway altogether, especially when there are icy road conditions.

Reckless motorists, whether they’re speeding, inattentive, or drunk, pose dangers to the rest of us. Cars we share the road with may be in a state of disrepair, meaning that they’re unsafe to drive alongside. These are just some of the many factors that put us all at risk of getting seriously hurt or losing our lives in car crashes here in Three Forks.

Preparing for an Initial Consultation with an Attorney

When getting ready to reach out to our law office, we often find out in retrospect that prospective clients were wondering what they needed to have on hand when preparing to have their initial consultation with our legal team. In car accident cases like these, it’s best to gather up at least the following before calling:

  • The police report
  • Medical records detailing your diagnosis and treatment plan

While it’s certainly ideal for you to have the documentation listed above on hand, it’s certainly understandable if the crash just occurred or you’ve been busy receiving treatment for your injuries or grieving your loss and you just don’t have access to them. In cases like those, we can generally ask you enough questions to ascertain how the wreck generally occurred to make some preliminary liability determinations and determine how severe your injuries might be or the gravity of your loss.

Should it appear you have a valid claim, we can help you request the above documentation (and more) to confirm that indeed is the case. So, we urge those affected by car accidents in Three Forks not to let a lack of paperwork deter them from seeking help from legal teams like ours.

Questions To Ask a Three Forks Auto Collision Lawyer

When you do ultimately meet with an attorney, you’ll, of course, want to make sure they’re right for the role of helping you navigate the Montana legal system after your crash. The best way to determine if they’re a good fit for you and your case is to ask them a few qualifying questions, including:

  • Have they handled car wreck cases similar to yours?
  • Were they able to resolve the case outside of court, or was it necessary to take it to trial?
  • Can you expect to work directly with an attorney or primarily with a paralegal?
  • How often should you anticipate receiving updates on your case’s status, and how?

It may also be tempting to ask how much an attorney can secure for you as a settlement in your case during this initial consultation. However, keep in mind that it’s typical for lawyers to be unable to give more than a ballpark estimate based on what you relay about your injuries or losses until they independently confirm those details, where liability lies, and insurance limits applicable in your case.

The Role of a Legal Counsel After a Car Accident

A common question we commonly receive from car crash victims who are considering working with a legal representative has to do with what to expect of an attorney handling their case. While no two car accident lawyers are the same, the ones in our office take care of the following:

  • Making liability determinations
  • Communicating with insurance company adjusters
  • Securing police reports, medical records and bills, and other evidence
  • Calculating costs for economic and non-economic damages
  • Preparing a demand letter to send to an insurance company to recover compensation
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters to settle a case
  • Filing the lawsuit
  • Taking the case to trial (if it’s not settled outside of court)

There are many other steps our legal team at Western Justice Associates, PLLC takes when shepherding cases stemming from car accidents in Three Forks through the legal system in Montana. Contact us as quickly as possible before the statute of limitations runs out to discuss your case and any questions you may have with an experienced crash lawyer.

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