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Car Accidents in Manhattan, MT

Car Accidents in Manhattan MT

Located just 25 minutes from Bozeman and with a population of just over 2,000, most would expect our small Montana town of Manhattan to see very few auto collisions. However, I-90 runs to the south-central and western portions of our city. Then, our town attracts fishers visiting the Gallatin River or workers at any one of our many manufacturing plants, like the Blackhawk facility. All of these goings-on often lead to an uptick in vehicles on our roads and, as a result, car accidents in Manhattan, MT.

If you’ve been hurt in an automobile collision, reach out to our legal team to learn more about the car accident claims filing process. Speaking with a lawyer is particularly important if you’ve suffered serious injuries in the wreck.

Every initial consultation with our legal team is free, so get in contact with our law firm now.

Automobile Collision Liability

At the cornerstone of every auto accident case is liability. Our state is an at-fault insurance one, meaning an injured party can generally file a claim with another driver’s insurance company if they can show they caused the crash. However, we also have a modified comparative fault system in place (also referred to as a 51% rule), which means that injury victims must be less than 51% responsible for what happened to recover compensation.

We bring this whole concept of liability up because one detail our attorneys have noticed in their years of handling car accidents in Manhattan, MT is how injury victims often jeopardize their chances of securing compensation for their losses because they fail to secure the right evidence necessary to establish the elements of negligence in order to hold those who harmed them accountable for their actions.

Elements of Negligence for Car Wrecks

There are four elements victims must be able to establish to move forward in filing a car accident claim in Montana. Those include that the:

  1. Person who struck them owed them a duty of care (to protect their safety).
  2. Other motorist violated the duty of care they owed the other driver.
  3. Breach of duty caused the victim to suffer some kind of harm.
  4. Losses (i.e., injuries) caused some kind of quantifiable damages (for example, the victim to incur medical bills).

Provided you, as an accident victim, can proverbially check off these elements in your case and the evidence compiled doesn’t show that you are no more than 50% liable for the incident, you would be able to file a claim for compensation…but against whom?

Who You Can Hold Responsible for Your Car Accident in Manhattan, MT

There’s no single answer to the question of who is liable for every single wreck. Instead, it’s necessary for you and an attorney to sit down and review the specifics surrounding how your crash happened to make such a determination. Here at Western Justice Associates, PLLC, we’ve identified and filed suit against some of the following parties for car accidents in Manhattan, MT:

  • The driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision
  • Government agencies responsible for road design
  • A lead car’s operator (who caused a chain reaction crash)
  • Car manufacturers
  • Rental car companies who neglected to pull a dangerous or defective vehicle out of circulation
  • Mechanics who failed to make necessary repairs
  • Truckers who lost their load causing a road hazard

We’ve only provided you with a brief listing of some of the many parties we’ve pursued on behalf of our clients who’ve suffered injuries in crashes. No matter who you suspect harmed you, let’s talk. Meeting with an attorney for a case review is free and allows us to determine if you have a valid claim per Montana law and, if so, who’s liable for it. It also marks the first step toward us getting to work to try and recover compensation for you if that’s what you decide you’d like. Schedule a consultation with our firm now.

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