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Car Accidents in Lolo

Car Accidents in Lolo

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the economic impact of car crashes in Montana is $898 million per year. Car accidents in Lolo and elsewhere in our state don’t only cause physical damage to property, like automobiles or injuries, but also often leave behind lasting impacts, which fuel this yearly amount of crash-related expenditures.

If you’ve been in a crash, you know all too well the impact that it can have on your livelihood and finances. Please note that every case is different, which is why you should consult with a lawyer about your specific legal matter. Consultations are complimentary at Western Justice Associates, PLLC.

Evidence in Auto Accident Cases

Evidence can make or break a case. Some of the most critical items of evidentiary value in cases like these are:

  • Police reports: These crash reports are what insurers and attorneys alike use to determine who’s liable for a crash.
  • Photographs and videos: Pictures go a long way to showing the extent of a person’s injuries and aid with understanding the causation for a crash. Video footage is helpful in showing what happened leading up to the accident.
  • Medical records and bills: Much like photos, these can provide a lot of insight into how the collision occurred. Additionally, these records can help substantiate claims of the severity of injuries and, future prognoses and care-related costs.
  • Witness accounts: These are effective at backing up factual data contained in police reports and inferences made by adjusters or lawyers about potentially dangerous driving behaviors and other aspects of what happened.

Other types of evidence that can prove helpful in cases like these are toxicology reports or cell phone records.

Steps You Take After an Auto Collision Matters

Reporting your accident to the local police department (whether it’s county or city officials or Montana State Highway Patrol) is necessary after any crash resulting in $1,000 or more in property damage, injuries, or death.

However, you should also report the car crash to your insurer as well. Just be careful to stick to the facts whenever speaking to anyone regarding your crash, as that information can be used by the negligent party against you.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries, you may be transported by ambulance to the hospital, but you should get checked out by a doctor no matter what. Why? It’s important to ensure that you don’t have any injuries that haven’t yet become obvious, or you risk suffering irreversible harm if not treated right away. Continuing to treat with a medical professional until released from their care is also critical.

Meeting with an attorney to discuss your case before engaging any further in conversation with insurers to learn about your rights and the implications of making certain statements or acting in a certain way can impact the outcome of your case, especially if you ultimately receive a settlement offer. Let us share with you what your rights are following a crash in which you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Meeting with one of our lawyers after car accidents in Lolo is free. Contact our law office to schedule that meeting now.

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