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Missoula Property Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Missoula Property Insurance Dispute Lawyer

From renters and homeowners insurance to general liability insurance, these are just some of many examples of property-related insurance individuals. When someone has to file a claim, they expect it to be processed as expected. This, unfortunately, doesn’t always happen as it should. If your claim has been denied, reach out to a Missoula property dispute lawyer in our office.

Our legal team here at Western Justice Associates, PLLC represents clients who have been denied coverage, had their insurance claims mishandled, or had their policies canceled for no good reason. We want to assist you if you’re in a similar insurance bad faith predicament.

It doesn’t cost you anything to discuss your case with a lawyer, so contact us to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Claims That Get Filed with Insurers Like These

As suggested above, insurers who offer property-related insurance may handle a wide range of claims, both from the insureds (the actual policyholder) and a third party. The former first-party claims may include ones stemming from losses due to weather, vandalism, or theft. The latter often occurs when someone gets hurt on another person’s property.

Common Bad Faith Issues That Plague Property Claims Filers

No matter whether you’re the actual subscriber (the one that actually pays for the property insurance) or you were someone adversely impacted as a guest on someone else’s property, you may have the misfortune of having your claim mishandled in one of the following ways:

  • You receive a fast denial of your claim (demonstrating there’s no way an insurance adjuster thoroughly analyzed it)
  • It gets denied without any valid reason or without any explanation at all
  • The offer you do receive is for far less than what you requested or could use to rebuild or replace your asset

The brief list above includes only some examples of how insurers unfairly treat claimants. So, whether you’ve faced one of the problems with property insurance companies that we describe above or something else, consider making contact with our law office. A Missoula property insurance dispute lawyer can advise you whether your case may constitute bad faith and thus warrant escalating the matter and, if so, how to best do that.

Potential Damages Recoverable

Insurers are required to act promptly to investigate and follow up on claims upon receiving them. If insurance adjusters or their companies in general fail to act in alignment with what’s required of them per existing laws, they may be deemed responsible not only for reimbursing any benefit payouts you were entitled to per your policy terms but also:

  • Interest on that benefit you should have received.
  • Consequential losses, which are added expenses you incurred because of the handling of the original claim.
  • Non-economic damages, such as emotional distress (associated with having to deal with the claims dispute).
  • Punitive damages if you can show the property insurance company or its employees were fraudulent.

Securing a fair appraisal of your property, tabulating how much you were entitled to per your policy documents, and the value of your non-economic losses can be challenging, which is why we encourage you to connect with an attorney like ours who has experience making such assessments.

What To Remember When Considering Taking on Insurers Alone

When dealing with insurance companies, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re in business for themselves and not you. They’ll do whatever they can to pay out as little as possible on your claim, even if that means wrongfully denying a claim that was completely valid on its face. This is where our time in handling these insurer tactics comes in handy. We know the games they play, and we don’t let them get away with it.

Don’t receive less than you deserve as payment on your property insurance claim or accept a flat-out denial when you don’t deserve one. Also, don’t let an insurer just cancel a policy without cause.

Instead, discuss your matter with a Missoula property insurance dispute lawyer who can determine if an insurer is acting within their lawful right to do so and, if not, what your legal options are. We offer free consultations at our law firm and don’t expect you to pay for our representation in your case unless we recover a settlement for you, so contact our legal office to discuss your property claim today.

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