Defective Products


Products liability occurs when a defective product causes property damage, injury or death.  Faulty product cases require lawyers to understand the product and industry at issue.  For example, when a ladder fails and causes a devastating fall, an attorney must work with experts in that industry to understand what caused the fall, i.e. whether the problem was with the ladder’s design, manufacture or instructions given for use.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with products liability cases, and have all the resources necessary to work with the engineers and experts necessary to prove each case.

Western Justice handles a variety of products liability cases including:  faulty ladders, improper chemicals being sold to consumers, nail products, child car seats, seat belts, vehicles, tires, firearms, prescription drugs, and medical devices.


We are currently representing three Montanans who have suffered from defective metal-on-metal hip replacements.  If you or a loved one underwent a total hip arthroplasty, and the surgeon installed a metal-on-metal hip, click the link below to see how you should proceed.


Western Justice handles cases on a contingent fee basis—there is no attorney fee unless there is a recovery for our client.


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