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Jan. 29, 2018— State and local officials recently met in Colstrip to plan for a future without Puget Sound Energy. 

“Puget plans to shutter Colstrip’s two oldest units no later than 2022. The company splits ownership of Units 1 and 2 equally with Talen Energy. The two companies agreed to close the units to settle a clean air lawsuit. Additionally, Puget has an agreement with Washington state regulators to be financially ready by December 2027, to decommission Colstrip’s remaining units.”

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Back in 2008, Jory Ruggiero represented 57 Colstrip residents whose groundwater had been contaminated from the power plant’s coal ash ponds and obtained a $25 million settlement from the seven power companies.

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Dec. 30, 2017— Western Justice attorney Domenic Cossi submitted an amicus brief to the Montana Supreme Court arguing that Opportunity residents with arsenic-contaminated soil had the right to a jury trial.

“Setting a legal precedent that could affect all of Montana’s Superfund cleanups, the Montana Supreme Court ruled in favor of Opportunity and Crackerville residents Friday, finding that Superfund law does not prohibit the residents from seeking claims under Montana state law.”

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Dec. 13, 2017— A report released today by the American Association for Justice (AAJ), Worst Corporate Conduct of 2017, detailed this year’s worst corporate practices, the aggressive corporate culture in the U.S., and the imperative for a strong justice system to hold corporations accountable and deter misconduct. 

“From Takata’s lethal airbags to Monsanto ghostwriting scientific data, to drug companies profiting from the opioid crisis, corporations have time and again put profits before the health and safety of Americans.”

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Here at Western Justice Associates, we protect our clients by standing up to insurance companies and other corporate wrongdoers. Our attorneys have seen malicious corporate conduct firsthand, and have the skills and resources to effectively combat it. See the Results page for examples.

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May 11, 2016— The Bozeman City Commission unanimously voted to move forward with a $7.5 million settlement over leaking fumes from the closed Story Mill landfill. Western Justice Associates represented many of the homeowners who had elevated levels of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their homes stemming from the landfill. 

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Hip replacement implant

Jan. 20, 2016— A new article in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine notes that, “[b]ased on the current body of literature and experience in the USA, there is not a role for large-head MoM [metal-on-metal] THA [total hip arthroplasty] in 2016.”

Using metal-on-metal bearings in total hip replacements can result in a litany of negative repercussions for patients. When metal rubs against metal, chromium and cobalt ions dislodge and can cause metallosis, pseudotumor formation, and subsequent soft tissue and bone destruction.

Western Justice Associates is currently representing three Montanans that have suffered from metal-on-metal hip replacements in a lawsuit against the manufacturers. Recently, the judge issued an order compelling the company to release important records regarding mass recalls of the metal-on-metal hips in other countries.

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Jan. 24, 2015— Western Justice attorneys secured a $2 million settlement for landowners from Exxon Mobil after a 2011 pipeline rupture on the Yellowstone River.

“The pipeline break during summer flooding near Laurel left oil along an 85-mile stretch of the Yellowstone, killing fish and wildlife and prompting a cleanup that took months[…] Attorneys for property owners damaged by the spill announced that Exxon Mobil agreed to pay the landowners $2 million to settle a civil lawsuit[…] Plaintiffs’ attorney Jory Ruggiero said the case “held a powerful company like Exxon accountable.”

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