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Workplace Injuries

Western Justice handles cases where people are injured or killed in the workplace or on the job site. Such cases often involve construction site accidents, heavy equipment injuries, industrial accidents, oil field accidents, train or rail yard injuries, refinery injuries, chemical exposures, OSHA violations, safe workplace violations and workers compensation insurance.

We understand the difficulties that often arise following a workplace injury. Dealing quickly and effectively with insurance companies, medical providers and responsible parties is especially critical when your ability to earn money is compromised by a workplace injury. If you are unfamiliar with the law governing workplace injuries, it is difficult to know whether you are overlooking important matters or being treated unfairly. In such cases, Western Justice stands with the injured person or family to ensure that they can focus on healing while we see that the insurance companies and responsible parties do what they are required to do.

Our extensive experience with insurance litigation is critical in our handling of workplace injury cases. Unfortunately, even after a catastrophic injury, insurance companies will often not treat you fairly, unless you have a lawyer that such companies know will force them to comply with the rules. Western Justice’s experience with insurance bad faith litigation greatly enhances our ability to ensure that insurance companies do not delay or wrongfully deny your claim.

Western Justice handles workplace injury and death cases on a contingent fee basis. There is no attorney fee unless there is a recovery for our client. Initial consultations are free. If you or a family member has been injured on the job, one of our lawyers will talk with you for free to help you understand your rights and whether you may need legal assistance. If we cannot help you, we will use our knowledge of the region’s legal community to help you find capable counsel who can assist you with the specific matters at issue in your case.

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