construction defects – western justice law


Residential and commercial construction defects can cause a host of problems for building owners.  Litigation to address construction defects often involves numerous parties and complex insurance matters.

Western Justice’s attorneys are experienced in such cases and have the tools to help you recover if you have been harmed by negligent construction.  We have handled cases involving: improper electrical work causing fire, improper plumbing inducing flooding and mold problems, improper site work and drainage problems leading to differential settlement of buildings, and improper construction of sewage lines and sewage lift stations causing sewage backups and dangerous contamination of living spaces.

If you think you may have a case relating to defective or negligent construction, one of our lawyers will talk with you for free to help you understand your rights and whether you may need legal assistance.


Western Justice handles cases on a contingent fee basis—there is no attorney fee unless there is a recovery for our client.